With "Shelter in Place" People Have Really Learned to Live in Their Homes

With Shelter in Place People Have Really Learned to Live in Their Homes

Over the years, friends of mine who know I sell expensive homes to people with wealth has remarked, I can’t understand Americans. They never spend time in their home. They are always working or on the freeway heading to something. Like it or not, people around the world have been forced to stay home, thus giving them no chance but to finally chill-out, relax and explore the features of their home paid for in cases and never used. I, for example, for the first time have played with my home theatre and surround sound features and started to appreciate my new learned experience. Also, for the first time I learned what it means to “putter in your garage.” It’s really been fun.

It’s pretty amazing how we pay for beautiful homes and never take the time to relax in our homes. Many of us sleep here, bathe here, eat takeout meals here and run off. Of course, that’s not everyone for sure. But now with “shelter in place,” we are also realizing how great it is to have a nice backyard, a patio or terrace, a lovely garden and indoor features such as hardwood floors, great appliances, a home gym, a nice TV area and a very accommodating and wonderful master suite with a fireplace and reading area.

How often have you used that master bedroom fireplace or read a novel in the adjacent sitting room? Silly how we are always on the run and never home to enjoy. The housekeepers, gardeners, and nanny often spend more time and has more pleasure in the estate homes than the breadwinner who pays for it? I’ve actually known executives who travel 20 days out of the month and otherwise work from the office from 7am to 7pm. It’s just considered a lifestyle in the year 2020.

Well, it may all be about to change. I expect life will bring people home more and that buying a home will be for the purpose of living in it. All said and done, over time Coronavirus will leave many sad marks behind, but this might be one good one.